PROPERTIES IN AN URBANISATION To be part of a community

Living in an urbanisation automatically makes you a member of the community of property owners.  This comes with rights and obligations that are detailed in the statutes of your urbanisation.

 The community is obliged to appoint an Administrator. This is a company dedicated to this purpose and although an Administrador de fincas is a proper profession in itself they usually have  a lawyer on board.  It is not rare that a developer is being sued for damages under guarantee. The post of Administrator will be put up for election in each AGM. Any member of the community is entitled to put up for vote a different Administrator.

 It is important to know that one mandatory Annual General Meeting will be held. This usually takes place in August, it is the time of the year when most house owners are present and can attend the meeting.

Along with the summons will be a form for a proxy vote for those that cannot attend. Be sure to make use of it in case you have strong views on some of the points on the agenda. Subsequent complaints will have to be presented within a such a small time-scale that they hardly ever happen.

The Administrator will inform all owners in advance of the date of the AGM, the agenda and the detailed accounts of the expenditure for the year prior to the meeting. For any issues you wish to raise inform your Administration about your request -in writing and well in advance- for it to be put on the agenda.

 It is important to note that all your community fees have to be paid up-to-date in order to exercise your right to vote. Members of a community that owe community fees are entitled to attend the meeting but not to vote.

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